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“The Pacific Forest Trust has been a leader in bringing together people to think about and discuss the future of America's forests, particularly private forests, and you've been a great partner for the Forest Service, especially the Forest Legacy Program for many years.”

—Jay Jensen, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment

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Thank You; Forest Fete 2005


Pacific Forests, Fall 2005, Page 7

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors whose generous financial gifts and pledges between April and October of 2005 have helped make our work possible.

Laurie R. Andrews
Stephen and Terry Beck
Constance Best
Magalen O. Bryant
Cherida and Glenn Collins-Smith
Christine Desser and Kirk Marckwald
Gay Palmer and Anthony Frank
John K. Graham, Esq. and Katherine Monroe
Kass Green and Gene Forsburg
Misty and Lewis Gruber
Robert D. and Colleen Haas
John R. Henshaw
Laura Hill
Perry and Tricia Lloyd
James Rinehart
Martin and Joan Rosen
Walter and Jeanne Sedgwick
Geoffrey Smith
William and Claudia Stelle
Charlie Swindells
Timothy and Billie Taylor
Gary and Carol Torre
Andrea and Don Tuttle
Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen
Edgar Wayburn M.D.

The Collins Companies
Environmental Home Center
Green Diamond Resources Company
Lyme Timber Company
Mendocino Redwoods Company
PG&E Corporation
Preston, Gates & Ellis, LLP
R&A Investment Forestry
Sparrowhawk Vineyard (in kind)
Trillium Asset Management Corporation
WM Beatty Associates

The Ayrshire Foundation
The Bella Vista Foundation
The Bullitt Foundation
The Collins Foundation
The Energy Foundation
The Resources Legacy Fund Foundation
The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation
The Weeden Foundation    
The Wyss Foundation


Forest Fete 2005Forest Fete 2005

Annual Celebration Arrives 

Pacific Forests, Fall 2005, Page 8

The Pacific Forest Trust will host our annual dinner celebration – Forest Fete 2005 “Conserving our Cool Green Planet” – on Monday, December 5th. The event is being held in the historic Presidio Log Cabin in San Francisco.

During the evening, we will salute forests and the crucial role they play in the effort to curb global warming, honor special forest champions and celebrate a year’s worth of major achievements.

If you would like to attend or would like further information, please call Development Director Ben Harwood at 415.561.0700 ext. 22.