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“There has been great creation and innovation brought to bear in the work of PFT.”

—Dan Esty, Yale University, PFT’s Forest Fete 2010 Keynote Speaker

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Headlines for May 2010

Statement on American Power Act

May 12, 2010
Federal Energy and Climate Bill is 'Promising Start'
Bill Holds Potential to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Forests, Farms and Ranch Lands while Creating Jobs, Supporting Rural Economies
WASHINGTON, D.C.--The Kerry-Lieberman energy and climate bill, The American Power Act, is a promising start for securing our nation's energy independence and addressing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with conversion and development of forests, farms and ranch lands, Pacific Forest Trust President Laurie Wayburn said in a
statement today.

PFT Coalition Support Mounts as Southern Landowners Rally Behind Climate Bill

May 11, 2010
PFT President Laurie Wayburn and two leading members of our coalition supporting working lands are in the nation's capitol this week, advancing our recommendations for land conservation and stewardship in federal energy and climate legislation. The coalition--now nearly 80 members strong--continues to gain momentum after the recent publication of an op-ed by coalition members Jameson French and Peter Stein, placement of advertisements in Politico, and a national news release.



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