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“We wanted to start an organization where people met on the same side of the table, instead of across barricades. Maybe this all seemed radical, improbable. But our ideas began to click with many people: forest owners, managers, investors and conservationists who joined with us to form the Pacific Forest Trust.”

—Connie Best, PFT Co-Founder

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Klamath-Cascade Initiative

The Pacific Forest Trust is pursuing a major strategic initiative to conserve one of America’s priceless forest treasures, the Klamath-Cascade Region. Stretching across almost 10 million acres in an arc from Mount Lassen across northern California to the headwaters of the mighty Klamath River in Oregon, the forests of the Klamath-Cascade are a patchwork of public and private ownerships that anchor both globally recognized biodiversity and California’s timber industry.

Fed by glaciers and snowmelt from Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta, the Region’s great rivers provide drinking water for more than 22 million Californians. Despite its immensely valuable resources, the economic and ecological future of the Klamath-Cascade is threatened by a struggling timber industry, changing climate and escalating corrosive development. PFT is working with a diverse group of stakeholders in the region to conserve the Klamath-Cascade’s private forests for all their values: ecological, economic and cultural.

At the confluence of three major geological regions, shaped by Cascade volcanoes, and blessed with abundant water, the ecological significance of the Klamath-Cascade region has been recognized by the World Wildlife Fund, which designated it as one of the world’s critical “biodiversity hotspots.”  The region’s four million acres of highly productive, privately owned forests form essential linkages between its publicly owned forests for fish and wildlife species, water flows and ecological integrity.

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Uniquely blessed in its natural wealth, the Klamath-Cascade also is a large and relatively intact forest region with much to conserve — but time is of the essence as many forces are fueling forest loss and degradation. Global economic competition is undermining the timber industry that has anchored the region. Retirees are moving here to enjoy the scenic and recreational values. Expansion of rural residential development and sprawling mid-size cities are fraying of the region’s forest fabric.

Report: California's Watershed in the Balance

In Fall 2011 PFT published The Klamath-Cascade: California's Watershed in the Balance. The report draws on years of research and advice from stakeholders in the region, including members of our Klamath-Cascade Advisory Council, which includes public agencies, government officials, foresters, scientists, private landowners and community development groups. Using the report as a guide, together we're working to raise awareness of this remarkable region and lay out a road map for cooperative efforts to conserve the forests that nourish the Klamath-Cascade’s communities and a sustainable 21st century rural economy.  

Read the report online via Issuu:


Download a PDF copy of the report for an executive summary and recommendations for a new, “all-lands” approach to its management in order to secure the future of California’s primary water source. We need your help to:

• Raise awareness of the critical contributions of the Klamath-Cascade Region to its states and to the world.

• Build public support for the conservation of the critical resources that flow from privately owned forests

• Promote incentives for conservation, sustainable forest management and the continued viability of the forest products industry
• Mobilize new resources to assure the region’s lasting conservation of its forests, people and economy.

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