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“We wanted to start an organization where people met on the same side of the table, instead of across barricades. Maybe this all seemed radical, improbable. But our ideas began to click with many people: forest owners, managers, investors and conservationists who joined with us to form the Pacific Forest Trust.”

—Connie Best, PFT Co-Founder

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Image Gallery

Welcome to the Pacific Forest Trust Image Bank. Here you’ll find a selection of photos of the people we work with, properties we manage, and landscapes we’re helping to conserve and steward for future generations. Media outlets and project partners who are seeking high-resolution art and photos for reproduction can SIGN UP to download these images.


An automated request and permissions form will be provided for you to fill out and submit online. For more information or to expedite your request, contact the PFT Communications Office at 415-561-0700 ext. 17. SIGN UP ON-LINE NOW