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“It really fills me with hope when we have organizations like the Pacific Forest Trust and a roomful of people like you who are dedicated to our forests. I believe if we understand forest ecosystems and fully understand their complexity and beauty, we will do the right thing.”

—Jerry Franklin, Ph.D., Prof. of Forest Ecology, University of Washington

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Pacific Forests, Fall 2005, Page 4

Four years ago, one million acres of forestlands were being lost annually to development. Today, that number has doubled to two million. And, with a red-hot real estate market and a struggling American forest industry, the number of forestlands that will be converted to trophy homes and strip malls will only increase.

However, with your support, we can slow the rate of loss and sustain our forests for generations to come.

When forests are lost, everyone loses. With every acre destroyed, the myriad public benefits forests provide – clean water, thriving wildlife, quality wood products, a well-balanced climate and recreational playgrounds – vanish forever.
And with almost two-thirds of America’s forests in privately ownership, the vital watersheds, fish and wildlife habitats and rural economies that depend on these forests need your support to stay intact.

So please, be a Forest Champion and help us conserve America’s invaluable private forests. Donate to the Pacific Forest Trust today. Use the enclosed reply-envelope to send your check or give online at www.PacificForest.org. Thank you.