Van Eck Forest - Ivy Kostick
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“PFT has been a leader in the development of regional policies that capture opportunities for greenhouse gas reductions through forest conservation and management.”

—John R. Nordgren, Senior Program Officer, Environment, The Kresge Foundation

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Van Eck Forests

In 2002 the Pacific Forest Trust conserved two working forests owned by the Fred M. van Eck Forest Foundation: A 2,200 acre redwood forest in Humboldt County, California, and a 7,200 acre hemlock-Douglas fir forest in Lincoln County, Oregon. The Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) now manages these two forests as living laboratories, demonstrating how stewardship forestry restores biological diversity and habitat for threatened species while protecting watersheds and increasing carbon stores for clean air and a livable climate. The Van Eck working forests do all this while producing fine wood and high wage jobs.

Through PFT’s stewardship, these properties are economically self-sustaining, with revenues covering all operating expenses while returning income to the Van Eck Forest Foundation to support forest research and graduate scholarships at Purdue University. PFT’s forest operations are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Van Eck Forest - California

Van Eck Forest - Oregon




Van Eck forest canopy